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These books were recommended in the July 1996 issue of the Carol Hurst's Children's Literature Newsletter.

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Order Changes, Changes ; Paperback.
Order Changes, Changes ; School and Library binding.
In this wordless book, dolls cope with every emergency by using blocks imaginatively.

Order Clocks and More Clocks ; Paperback.
Mr. Higgins finds a beautiful clock in the attic and starts it going but doesn't know what time to set it to so he buys another clock which he puts in the bedroom. The two clocks don't agree so he buys a third and so on. Eventually, a watch solves his problem.

Order Don't Forget the Bacon ; Paperback.
Order Don't Forget the Bacon ; Library Binding.
Order Don't Forget the Bacon ; Hardcover.
Order Don't Forget the Bacon ; Big Book Edition, Paperback.
A child is sent by his mother with a short mental list of things he must get. Each thing he sees on the way, however, transforms the list. What he buys at the store is nothing like what he starts with. On the way home he transforms the list to its original state, but he forgets the bacon.

cover art

Order The Doorbell Rang ; Paperback.
Order The Doorbell Rang ; Hardcover.
Order The Doorbell Rang ; Library Binding.
Order The Doorbell Rang ; Big Book, Paperback.
Ma has made a big plate of cookies and the two children are just about to share them when the doorbell rings. Each ring of the doorbell brings more people who must share those cookies.

Order Good Night, Owl ; Paperback.
Order Good Night, Owl ; School and Library Binding.
Owl has a hard time sleeping because it's daytime and the forest is full of the sounds of the diurnal animals. When nighttime comes, it's a different story and Owl gets his revenge.

Order One Hunter ; Paperback.
Order One Hunter ; Library Binding.
This is Hutchins' counting book and the hunter looks throughout the forest seeing not a single animal, but we do.

Rats is currently not available from Amazon.com. This title is (as of 7/9/96) out of stock indefinately with the publisher.

Order Rosie's Walk ; Paperback.
Order Rosie's Walk ; School and Library Binding.
Rosie the hen takes a leisurely walk around the barnyard oblivious to the fox who is constantly being foiled in his attempts to get Rosie.

Order The Surprise Party ; Paperback.
The invitation to the party starts out all right, but it gets mangled as it transfers from person to person.

Order Titch ; Paperback.
Titch gets his revenge over his older brother and sister.

Order The Very Worst Monster ; Paperback.
Order The Very Worst Monster ; Library Binding.
Order The Very Worst Monster ; Paperback Book and Cassette.
Hazel is not thrilled with the attention newborn Billy Monster is getting. Eventually she gives him away earning her parents' attention and the title of "very worst monster".

Order What Game Shall We Play ; Paperback.
The animals are searching for each other in order to find a good game to play. They find each other and end up playing a game of hide and seek which, really, they've already been playing.

Order Which Witch is Which? ; Hardcover.
Order Which Witch is Which? ; Library Binding.
When twins choose twin witch costumes, it's hard to figure out which witch is which twin, but there are clues in the text to follow.


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