Carol Hurst's Children's Literature Newsletter

Volume 1, Number 3. October 1996. Page 4.

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New Release

Portfolio Format, Mysteries of Harris Burdick by Chris Van Allsburg

Hurray! At last! All of us who have loved Chris Van Allsburg's Mysteries of Harris Burdick and recognized it for the terrific writing spur it is will be delighted to know that the pictures are now being released in large portfolio format (Houghton, 1996 ISBN 0-395-82784-1). The mystery of how these pictures came to be and the whereabouts of Mister Burdick is not solved, but another picture has been discovered and is included here. Now you can display the thought and writing-provoking pictures. Kids who decide to write the story behind one can look at it as they develop their stories. Thank you, Houghton Mifflin and Chris Van Allsburg, of course.


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