Carol Otis Hurst's In-Service


When Carol conducts in-service sessions, she brings suitcases full of children's books and shows the audience that children's books differ greatly in quality, in purpose and in utility for classroom use. Carol Hurst shows them how using good books accomplishes the same things that piles of worksheets or workbook pages can while making the task more pleasant for the teacher as well as the student. When a teacher uses children's books in the classroom for a scope of learning activities, the message is bound to come through to children that reading really is important and that books contain more than stories.

Teachers need more than book titles, however, they need specific ways in which reading and other language arts strategies can be taught and strengthened without resorting to meaningless drill sheets. Carol Otis Hurst's in-service workshops incorporate meaningful activities involving higher level thinking, writing and discussion skills which center around literature without trivializing it.

Strong language arts programs cannot go forward without the careful training of teachers in the practical aspects of using books which will fit their needs and knowing when and how to use them. In these workshops teachers can progress toward this goal. To get literate children we need teachers who are highly skilled facilitators in the field of children's books and stories. Carol can help get them there.

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